Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yesterday: From low to high

Yesterday did not start out terribly well: my toilet overflowed and...you don't want to know the messy details.

But, in the afternoon, we took a walk up to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. This little gem across Fifth Avenue from Mount Sinai Hospital is a formal garden packed with beautiful flowers. The crabapple trees were in full bloom (though one other type of flowering tree had already dropped its petals).

The tulips were just starting--some were up, but not a lot. But the daffodils (see picture) were out in force. I never knew there were so many varieties.

They haven't turned on the fountains in the Garden yet, but it was still lovely. Despite the sun it wasn't that warm, so there weren't too many people there, and we could sit and enjoy the colorful sight in peace and quiet.

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Rita said...

I'm glad that your day picked up, Caprice. The pictures are beautiful so I should pay my respects also.