Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kevin Aviance beaten in gay bashing

Singer Kevin Aviance was attacked and beaten by a gang of thugs last night. They called him a faggot while they pummelled him, breaking his jaw. (I find it interesting that the Daily News finds the word "faggot" an unprintable epithet. I think I like that.)

I've seen him perform two or three times. I'd call him more of a gender-bender than a real drag queen. He doesn't present as a woman, at least when I've seen him.

But this kind of thing scares me. While I don't remember ever finding myself in the East Village alone at 1:30am like Aviance, occasionally I am out alone that late in other areas. And I am frequently out alone earlier. I try to be safe, but sometimes it's scary if I can't find a cab quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Cool re: the Daily News bit. Considering the recent momentum of the Abolish The 'N' Word movement, this might be a fine time for folks to reconsider this particular term (which as I understand, goes back to the Inquisition... not at all a situation unlike that chillingly narrated in Strange Fruit).