Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sad websearch of the day

It's still early, but I think this will hold up as the saddest of the day: transgender mary carillo. Mary Carillo transgender????

What this comes from, I think, is some of the people (probably all men) who dislike her commentating style saying she used to be a man, or at least questioning her birth sex. She states her opinions strongly, she doesn't defer to the men she works with, she doesn't act girly in any way, her voice is a bit low-pitched, so these yahoos think she can't be a woman.

Well, she is. She's given birth (twice I think). She's not transgender, or transsexual. She's just a woman. End of story.

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Anonymous said...

i was one of those people who search this, after watching the panda bear sex coverage. she was wearing a turtle neck and it didnt seem to be cold outside, this coupled with a deep voice and manly like body gestures... i had to wonder. anyway, atleast im not the only one, and i absolutely cant stand to watch her anymore (after only one episode!)