Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take that, George!

I'm not that much of a baseball fan. But I'm from Cleveland. That means I grew up rooting for the Indians. That means I grew up hating the Yankees. Even though I've lived in New York for over thirty years, I still root for the Indians. And I still hate the Yankees.

So when I saw the headline "Indians 19, Yankees 1" all I could do was smile, smile smile.

On top of which, today is Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's birthday, which makes the Yankees' loss even more enjoyable. I detest him. Not just because he bought the Yankees (after being thwarted in his attempt to buy the Indians), but because he was a big supporter of President Nixon. Too big. Steinbrenner was convicted of illegal campaign contributions and obstruction of justice. (At the end of his presidency, Ronald Reagan pardoned him--clearly an early sign of Reagan's mental deterioration.)

Steinbrenner's also just a thoroughly nasty person.

So happy birthday, George. I hope you really enjoy your little gift from the Indians. 19-1. Ha, ha, ha!


coy said...

couldn't agree more with about George and the Yankee's ...but go Tigers....I'm from Detroit we don't much to cheer about here. Love the blog!

caprice said...

But why arn't you cheering the Tigers? They're leading the division, for goodness' sake.

Sirena said...

The Yankees (and Steinbrenner) can go to Hell.

Eileen said...

Hey, I'm from Cleveland too! I watched that game, great game.

Just randomly browsing blogs, I enjoy yours.


caprice said...

Thanks, Eileen.