Saturday, August 19, 2006

I passed (whoopee)

Last week I ventured down to the 169 Bar in Chinatown to hear Wendy Ip perform. She's back from her stay in England with a new song, and a new boyfriend. I have gotten to know Wendy from her weekly performances at the Stonewall Bistro, before it closed down.

There was a guy hanging around Wendy and her friends, and they introduced me. He said he was just from the neighborhood, and happened in on this night of music. He was showing a picture of his kids, and said his wife was out of town. He was obviously drunk, even before I had arrived.

Eventually it was Wendy's turn to sing. She was as good as ever. Afterwards she hung around a little while, talking to people. The drunk guy started coming on to me. (I guess I should point out that a) this is a straight bar; b) I was presenting as a woman.) He gently took ahold of my arm. I gently pulled away. It didn't discourage him though. He said something about us going back to his place (it was hard to hear over the music). I said, "Sorry, I've got a wife and I'm faithful to her," showing him my wedding and engagement rings.

He looked confused. "You're not a dude, are you?" he asked. I asked him to repeat it, just to make sure I heard him correctly over the band. I never assume I pass as a woman, especially after someone gets a good look at me, and hears me speak. But he repeated his question, "You're not a dude, are you?"

I replied, "I'm a little of both."

He looked at me for a few seconds, and said, "I'd bang you anyway."

I said, "I get enough of that at home," and headed for the exit.

But now I know that I pass as a woman in a well-lit straight bar--at least with a drunk guy.



Anonymous said...

That was cute. And sweet. "I'd bang you anyway" isn't a phrase that would seem to elicit "cute" and "sweet," but here, somehow it really does.

I'm a sucker for stories about the universiality of love, and about fidelity itself - the choices we make among the many that are possible. (Staying with an ex of mine now, whom I love dearly and obviously, yet there is no question but that I'm entirely committed to my own marriage, so maybe that's part of why it resonates.)

Thank you.

Vickie Davis said...

Ain't it great!

I have a big forehead with out a wig, and it drives me nuts, but I got ma'amed at the post office last week, in my "going to work as a guy mode" so maybe I should not worry so much.

You are doing something right, and maybe I am too.