Saturday, November 08, 2008

Semi-random thoughts

● I really think I'm seeing more people wearing Obama buttons since the election than before it.

● I've succumbed to twitter. Sometimes I post what I'm doing there, but I have NOT connected it to my phone. My last five tweets (I think that's what they're called) are over on the right hand column, and if you're a tweeter(?) there's a link to follow me there.

● I'm really enjoying the great decrease in my e-mail volume since the election is over. Even though I just skimmed most of them, I couldn't bring myself to delete all the political messages without opening them first.

● The struggling Wisconsin Badger football team finally won its first conference game today, beating the even more struggling Indiana squad. Indiana kept it close at first, because we kept giving them the football. Then we knocked out their quarterback and they were in deep trouble. I think their second stringer was already injured, and was only in for a few plays. Their third and fourth stringers could do nothing. Final score: 55-20.

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