Thursday, January 22, 2009

Semi-random thoughts

● This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. There's a whole generation who never experienced Berlin, and Germany, being divided.

● The people proposing a cabinet-level secretary of LGBT affairs are crazy, for a good number of reasons. Equating LGBT people with veterans is wrong (for one thing, the government creates veterans). But a secretary of the arts is not a bad idea.

● I'm glad they figured out a way President Obama can keep using his Blackberry. I think one of the biggest problems of our presidency is how isolated they become.

● The Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team just doesn't have the talent it did the past two years. It is doubtful they will repeat as regular season or Big Ten tournament champions. I think there's a good chance they can get into the NCAA tournament, but I'd be quite surprised if they win more than one game there.

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