Friday, December 11, 2009

Semi-random thoughts

● When I got to the section of my college alumni magazine with the little notes about what various alumni are doing, I took a little satisfaction in realizing that it will be quite some time before articles about people in my class will be in the "early years" segment. Right now that segment covers people who graduated before 1940. The oldest alum mentioned graduated in 1926.

● In the good news-bad news department, the little newsletter stuck into my utility bill starts with an article titled "Lower Natural Gas Prices Expected." Great. But the last article is "Con Edison Seeks Gas-Rate Increase." The gas itself might get cheaper, but they want more money to deliver it. We can't win.

● Duane Reade has nice 100 calorie bags of its (I guess) house brand "de lish" potato chips. Well, it says in big type on the front that it's 100 calories. It's only in the much smaller Nutrition Facts table in the back do you learn that it's 100 calories PER SERVING, and there are 1.3 servings in the bag.

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