Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The latest scams--be careful out there

I've gotten a couple of attempted scams the last couple of days. (I'm not counting the usual e-mails telling me I've won foreign lotteries, etc.) Yesterday I got three text messages saying "HSBC Alert" "Call XXXXXXXXXX." I was immediately suspicious because
  1. The message was marked "Unverified-Sender," which to me means my phone company has indications their phone number was forged.
  2. I've never given my cellphone number to any bank.
  3. I've never had any accounts at HSBC.
I suspect if I called them they'd want me to "verify" my card number and PIN.

Then today, I got a chat message on facebook telling me I was tagged in a video showing me dancing, with a link to some facebook page. The sender was someone I barely know, and I very much doubted he would send such a thing. The link was probably to someplace where I could pick up a computer virus.

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caprice said...

They're still at it. I keep getting them, another one today.