Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weird websearch of the day

stagehand stagehands madison square garden 2006 lists my blog as 11th. Interestingly, if you eliminate the "stagehands" from the search, you get many more results, and I'm nowhere near as high. Not that I ever wrote about a stagehand or stagehands in Madison Square Garden--it's just that I have written about the two subjects in different articles.

With or without the "stagehands," I think it's a kind of unusual thing to search for--the results are all over the place. Lots of the results are like mine, where it's just a coincidence that I've written about two different things, and the search engine (Yahoo in this case, though I tried it with Google and got similar results) put the two together.

What also makes the search weird is that it came from Arizona.

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