Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My record is super-smashed

As during the French Open, my glob received record numbers of visitors during Wimbledon, mostly people wanting to know about Mary Carillo. The first week ranged from the upper 30's to mid 50's hits per day, reaching a high of 67, nearly equaling the record 70. The second week returned to a pretty constant low 50's rate until Thursday's women's semis, when it hit 68. Then, on the 4th, when it was the men's turn, I smashed the record with 86.

I was pretty sure that it would be even higher on Saturday, when the women's final was played. I didn't check it until mid-afternoon, when I figured it might even be in triple figures. But I was shocked when I saw the count was 223! It kept going up, though at a slower rate, throughout the rest of the day, and at midnight the final total was 278--more than three times the record set the previous day. Amazing!

I had no idea what would happen on Sunday. I suspected it would be lower, because a lot of the people interested in Carillo had already done their searches. And it turned out I was right. It was only (ha-ha) 148.

This week it has gone back down, though it's still above normal--people are continuing to search for "Mary Carillo lesbian" and "Mary Carillo gay," hitting my old post.

I wonder what's going to happen during the U.S. Open.

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