Sunday, January 03, 2010

I'm a Beautiful Blogger

I have been given a "Beautiful Blogger" award by Helen Boyd. I'm not so sure about the beautiful part. In fact, considering how little I have posted of late, I'm not even sure about the blogger part. But what the hell, an award is an award. So I accept.

I do have various responsibilities that come with this honor:
  1. Thank the person who chose me. Thanks, Helen.
  2. Link to her site. I did that when I started this blog, but I'll do it again. en|Gender
  3. Put the award on my blog. OK, it's over in the right-hand column.
  4. Enumerate seven interesting things about myself. See below. (caveat: "interesting" is in the eye of the beholder.)
  5. Choose seven other people to be Beautiful Bloggers. See below.
Seven interesting things about me:
  1. I have been listed in the acknowledgements sections of three books on trans-related subjects, written by three different authors.  
  2. In my 61+ years of life I have never had a stitch in my body.
  3. I have been seen transforming from man to woman on television in at least five countries on three continents.
  4. I started programming computers in 1968. (I'm pretty sure my cellphone has more computing power than the mainframe I learned on.)
  5. I had the same kindergarten teacher as my mother.
  6. I started warning about Y2K problems in 1982. Nobody cared.
  7. I have been a subscriber to the New York Philharmonic for 36 years.

My seven choices for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

The last three are women who haven't posted anything in quite a while. I wish they would start again. They're certainly all beautiful.

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RobertsonAt604 said...

not a stitch? wow lady. thats intense. good for you tho. Im kinda proud of my beatin up body. but i guess never having to go through any of that is a story in itself. have a good one. congrats!