Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm VERY unhappy

I lost my new toy last night. I was leaving a club, walking down a flight of stairs overlooking the dancefloor. My phone was in its liitle pouch, which was securely hooked to my purse strap. But the Razr is so thin that it wasn't a tight fit like my old phone. The bouncing going down the stairs sent it out of the pouch. I felt it hit my knee, then it descended into the crowd below.

I looked around for it the best I could. Nobody turned it in to the bar. They said to call the club office when it reopens this afternoon. I'm not hopeful.

I've tried calling it several times. At first it rang, and then went to voicemail. I think someone did answer it once, but said nothing. Now it's off, and my call goes directly to voicemail. Of course it might just be that the battery is empty (though it wasn't that low).

It is covered by insurance, with a $50 deductible. But it's still a big hassle, going down to the police precinct to file a lost property report, filing a claim, etc.

Grump, grump grump.

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